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A Total Delight For You

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The radio ad that got nominated for the Best Radio Ad of the year award is not just an ad, it is a total delight. Radio Mercury Awards announced the winners of 2017 celebrating the newness in the millennial culture of present times. Radio channels went that extra mile to release some of the best radio shows and ads. We couldn’t do anything but appreciate the great work. Though most jobs were excellent, the best one deserved an award. The show was organized in the beautiful city of New York. The best campaign award went to The Richard’s group work for Motel 6.

It was one of the longest running radio campaigns that featured the musings of Tom Bodett. Motel 6 is one campaign that has bagged the highest prize money many times and also the best show award many times since 1992. You ought to listen to the track at least once, and we are sure you will be delighted by it. It is a $50,000 prize money winner for making the best show. The title says “2017 Motel 6 Radio Campaign”. It is made by The Richard’s Group – one of the leading marketing agencies that have world-class talents.

Motel 6’s excellent features were described in the ad in the most innovative way. In one of the ads, they made fun of man bun, saying that people could save money on their budget rooms and give themselves a haircut. It is not just the jokes made on various things; it is the way Tom has done the musing on the radio. Any person listening to it cannot stop but listen to the full advertisement instead of switching channels. The fun in the voice and the concept of promoting Motel 6’s various features in a unique way is nothing but simply fantastic.

The Product spot winners won $5000 Prize money that was again from the same agency The Richards Group. It was for the same client, Motel 6 that had few incredible production features. The ad campaign created a fresh buzz in the market by conveying the uniqueness of the brand. In the most relevant yet funny way, the ad has explained about Motel 6 and its salient features. These have proven that radio ads are no less creative than TV ads. Even a mesmerizing voice and intellectual wit can win the attention of people.

Another agency to be declared as the production spot winner is Havas New York. The ad was titled Adios Amigo for the brand Heineken. They won $1500 for their fantastic performance throughout the campaign. Other famous agencies like Commonwealth//McCann also earned the spot for production.

Ogilvy and Mather group HK won the International Radio or Audio Showcase Winner for the ad titled Gourmet Meals for the company ProDiet. Radio companies and agencies that make the ads for the radio channels are climbing up heights in their own way to create a different platform for creative minds. We wish to see many more clever ads on our favorite radio channel to entertain us throughout our journey.

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